How to import 200000 fbxs in one time

i have 200k fbxs, i could not import them at one time,UE4 crashed
but i can import 1000 fbs at one time, so i have to do this for 200 times
any idea will be appreciated!
here is my pc:
i7 6700
32g ddr4
GTX 970
240g ssd

A more appropriate question is ‘why’. Out of sheer curiosity, you must tell us what you are trying to achieve!

It definitely sounds like your aren’t approaching a project well. You might need to merge stuff together, or put some of the scene together in UE4 instead of your modeling application. Knowing what you are trying to do and what your plan is would help us offer better solutions.

You definitely shouldnt be importing 200k assets at once, let alone in almost any project ever.

thanks for reply,but i do need import 200k assets into my project.
it is a large number of buildings,every model is unique

The engine can’t handle that number of objects, that’s way more draw calls than any game can handle. If they’re all high-poly then that wouldn’t work either. If they’re low-poly then you could attach groups of them together, otherwise it simply won’t work even if you get them imported.

i just need import 200k models into projects,it is nothing about draw call

I dont think youre understanding what we are saying. You cannot, and should not be importing 200k files into the engine. What you need to do is group meshes together in your modeling program and import less files. Why do you need 200k separate, unique files?

Performance drops with the more objects you have, the engine can’t run even close to that many objects in a game level. It might even be an issue for the editor to handle that many assets in general even before you try to use them.

you don’t.

I couldn’t hold myself… :slight_smile:

What Id like to add here:

If it is really an urban environment with 200k buildings, its gonna cover quite a big area.
So another way of reducing drawcalls is separating the level into streamable parts.
This can also help the editor dealing with less assets at a time.

I feel like the smarter choice would be to import the different house pieces, then procedurally generate the houses in the editor,
instead of generating them outside and importing them as individual models.

setting up a procedurally generated house isn’t too difficult with UE, and you can make it use random pieces from each category.

If I’m understanding him correctly, his issue isn’t having them all in 1 scene just yet, it’s getting them into the engine to start with.

Batch them in no more than 1000 at a time, and with the editor open copy them into your content folder. You’ll be asked for import settings.
Whether the engine can even handle that many assets in a project? I don’t know. But you’re definitely going to need to use level streaming for this.

But you should look into alternatives. I doubt you’ve hand modelled 200k models individually, so there’s been some procedural generation happen. See if you can move that to runtime calculations using minimal assets as base.