How to implement Cull Distance for Skeletal Meshes?

Hi all. I’ve been searching online for months now and I can’t find anywhere how to do Cull Distance on skeletal meshes. I found out about the Min Draw Distance and Desired Max Draw Distance parameters in the Rendering tab of the actor, but no matter what values I set, the skeletal mesh renders invisible (not visible, as in culled no matter the distance to the camera). I did not try to have a cull distance volume along with the values in the Rendering tab, because according to Documentation these values should be enough to get a culled/not culled skeletal mesh.

Please help. I have seen many games with this type of distance cull, and imo it is unbelievable that teaching such an important optimization is completely disregarded or assumed as understood by the UE4 documentation and every other tutorial online.

Thanks in advance.