How to I optimize my packaged game to make it lean as possible?

Hi folks. In the Steam documentation it says not to use compression or Unreal’s .pak files, but upload the whole uncompressed thing! So I’ve been doing that for my beta builds. The trouble is, when my game is downloaded from Steam, it has my uproject file, umaps, and pretty much everything else someone could just copy over and load up if they had Unreal installed on their machine. It’s unsettling so I want to make sure I can encrypt the chunks somehow. So…how do I do that on Steamworks? Anyone have any experience with this? Is using .pak files the only way to do it?

Also, is there a page/tutorial of how to optimize your project package so it doesn’t ship with unnecessary files that bloat the overall size? There are a ton of “Editor” folders that seem unnecessary. I want to make sure I’m not shipping assets that don’t need to be packaged!

Thanks in advance!

Hi ,

Other than using .pak files there is not an official solution to encrypting UE4 files. However, here is a third-party solution you might want to look into:


Regarding a page on how to optimize your project, check out this documentation:

Performance and Profiling


Awesome. Thanks, , I will take a look at it.

Hey @ - I’m in the same boat as you just now. I’ve packaged my game for steam without using Pak and the packaged folder has all the asset files + the uproject file. I’m also a little unsettled by this, but largely due to my ignorance of how unreal works.

Could you tell me what you found out about packaging a game for steam? Is it okay to have your asset files on here the way it is? I’ve been searching for a few days now to get a solid answer and posted both an answer and a forum question with no replies, so I’m hopeful that you would be able to shed some light on this Matt.

Thanks in advance