How to hide light through volume trigger in 4.8?

I’ve been going through the UE4 tutorials, but they seem to be somewhat redundant to a certain extent. I can’t seem to find the “IsVisible” function anywhere, nor can I even select the PointLight in the starter content pack. The entire lamp actor needs to be selected it seems. I tried recreating the scenario with an enclosed room with one single point light, but changing the ‘Hidden In Game’ property seems to do absolutely nothing at all.

I’m new to UE4 and still learning the basics of how BPs operate compared to general coding. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. If so, please redirect me to a better place where this question would be more suitable.

Thanks, all help appreciated!

Not sure if you are following tutorial i think you are. But that lamp is blueprint itself. Select it, then in lost of actors in level you have something like URL link to edit blueprnt. Click it and editor will open graph for that lamp blueprint, there you can change light values.

Also for light “toggle” works better that visible/invisible. Or set its intensity to 0 (i forgot exact word epic used for it).

Or you can drop point light into level then play directly with it. Set it to dynamic to see results.

Thanks, I got into the lamp blueprint okay and it makes a little more sense, but I’m still not 100% sure what is going on.
I’m following the 2014 tutorials provided by Epic on their Unreal YouTube channel. A lot of the stuff in it regarding the starter content and how it works seems to be different now. I can’t find any function with ‘toggle’ or ‘intensity’ or ‘brightness’ unfortunately. I’m still not entirely sure how to switch the light on and off.
Are there any tutorials you would recommend for this current version of UE4?

I got it all sorted now. The ceiling lamp was an object in the world, and the light was a component of that object. I assume this is a way UE4 handles encapsulation? I managed to replicate the 2014 video tutorials by adding a cube trigger component to the ceiling lamp object, then referencing that for the overlap events. Am I right in saying the point light only exists because the ceiling lamp object exists? Or is it a different scenario entirely?

What I’m curious about is why, when adding a component to an object, you are unable to add a Trigger Volume, but must use a Box/Capsule/Sphere Collision component. Is there any significant difference between these two things? Is there a reason why Trigger Volumes cannot be used?

Thanks again for your help man!