How to have the move component to node always push the character forward

I have an animation where the player is hanging and pulls himself up onto the ledge, no matter what I try root motion doesn’t seem to work. I set up a blueprint which lifts the character up and then pushes the character forward towards the ledge via the move component to node, and he ends up standing on the ledge. My problem is that when I face the ledge from the other side, I get pushed back. Is there anyway i can set it so I always get pushed forwards?

well I fixed that problem by just using the set actor location as the impact point, but now my character is placed in air and snaps back down. any ideas.

why not deactivate physics when hanging on the ledge, and reactivte it, when jumping of/finishing ledge climb? Without Physic, your Character keeps standing midair, no need of forcing him foward.