How to go back to normal character state after Animation?

OK so I have my character, when you press 1 an animation of a spell cast eventually plays, after the animation he doesn’t go back to normal, so I added another animation after the spellcast the closest thing I found was the third person idle animation at least he looks like he is back to normal now but when you move the feet don’t move so not a great work around I also tried using the blend space animation instead of the thirdperson idle and also doesn’t work, Is there a good tutorial on exactly how to do this? Instead of the Idle animation I need to make the character go to normal.

I am not sure if this belongs in the Animation forum since this has to do with having to go back to a normal character state after animation or if this belongs in the Blue Print forum since I am using blue prints so I posted it in the BP forum feel free to move it mods if I didn’t post in the right forum, I also didn’t want to double post it in both places.