How to go about using a bow string animation?

I have been looking for an answer to this for weeks, posted on Reddit, and tried every variation of googling my question.

Im making an action rpg that is heavily bow focused, I’m an avid archer and I’m obsessed with bows of every kind.

now my issue is this -
i have a very nicely rigged and animated bow that in blender has physics for when you pull the string back it does a beautiful job of getting the bending and recurve effect you would expect on bow drawback. My friend did a really good job on rigging a free bow I found and animating it and I would hate to waste the animation he worked so hard on by just giving up and having the bow fire without any attention being paid to the string.
There is only one animation which is the full cycle fire, so I have a couple different rough ideas for how to do this but no idea on how to implement any of them.

Easiest method - is there a way to attach 2 sockets on one actor to 2 sockets on another? I would need to attach my characters left hand to the handle of the bow, attach the right hand to the string, and have physics handle it from there. I don’t know if this can be done but if so how do I set it up to have my character grab the string socket at a certain point in the drawback animation and let go of it at fire. I’m assuming this could be done with notifies but I don’t know how.

Anim bp / state machine method -
im thinking I could just set up a state machine to play the animation up to a certain point on the certain conditions I have listed above I.e: on drawback play the animation up to a certain frame, on hold just pause the animation, on release play the rest of the animation. Again not sure how I would donthisand could use some advice

montage/notify method:
im new to using montages all around so I’m not sure if this would effectively be the same method as above but if this is the best way to go I would greatly appreciate someone helping me figure out how to map that out

You can’t mix simultaneously for the string the animation and physics, because physics will try to do its own undestanding on how the string should be swinging when manipulated.

Usually for the animation of that string, all you need is to attach it to one bow socket, there is no option to attach to two (your choise if up or down), then you will align the string to be placed in order to reach each extremity. The hard part would be align the right hand touching the string and pulling it backwards for a shot, but that all can be part of the char animation playing synchronized with the bow animation and string animation (yes, 3 animations). This way you can have the ability to make the character tension the string and moving back to the relaxed state anytime you want.

how do I do this? I have a shooting animation, and the bow is animated, I’ve in fact already got the bow out on my character. With physics on, how do I make my character grab the bow string?