How to get third person camera to drift?

Hey All

I’m using FInterpTo() in a function that moves the camera in and out in the third person template. It works ok but Ideally it would be great to make the camera feel like its drifting, as if it has momentum. At the moment the zoom stops and starts a bit with each click of the mouse wheel, no matter how fast you rack it. I’ve tried using a recursive drift function that then applies a diminishing FInterpTo() length on the CameraBoom, but it’s not working. Any suggestions?


FInterpTo() is the wrong approach. I made a target value set when the mouse wheel is changed, and the drifting motion is created by subtracting or adding a small fraction of the difference to the camera boom length. At 5% per tick it starts to look very smooth and changes speed as it gets closer to the target value etc…