How to get the surface normal from a line trace hit location?

Hey guys, I’m trying to get the vector perpendicular to the surface of any object that’s hit by a line trace. I don’t want the *impact *normal because that accounts for the angle of the line trace… instead, I always want the result to be a perfect right angle/orthogonal vector from the surface of the wall. As in the attached pic, how can I modify the line trace hit result so that I’m generating the vector of the white line?

Thanks as always!

Hey, I’ve tested this quickly since I thought that either “Hit Result Normal” or “Hit Result Impact Normal” returned the surface normal. In my test project it seems they both do. Here are the normals I get after doing a GetHitResultUnderCursor:

I also printed the normals and I got (1, 0, 0), (0, 0, 1) etc like expected. Perhaps the surface you’re tracing has an incorrect normal map or has its normals not correctly set up in the vertices?

Ay yi yi! So it is! Ok, so my real problem is actually with something else entirely then… not the hit result at all. Let me dig into my blueprint and see if I can track down the real issue.

Thanks, NisshokuZK!