How to get the companion to interact with the environment?


So, I am working on a project for uni and as I specialise in animation I don’t know a lot about unreal or blueprints or anything. Currently I have the player character able to walk, run, jump etc. all basic things and I have found tutorials online on how to get a basic companion to follow the player about, but I would really like to have the companion follow the character, but once the player stops for X amount of time they will start to walk about. I would also like this companion to interact with the environment, so for example in my scene there is a campfire. I would like for the companion to go up to the fire and trigger an animation but I can’t find any tutorials anywhere on this. So any tips and suggestions of tutorials and things would be very much appreciated!

TLDR: I’m a confused animator trying to make a cool project for uni which shows all my animations in an interactable state and would like the companion to follow the player, when the player stops for X amount of time they will walk about and interact with various things by just walking up to it, stopping and then playing an animation for x amount of time and then when this ends they will walk back to the player.

Hi man,
basically the same thing you have done before,
just add some variables in the blackboard (the thing that store variable for behaviourtree)
and set there some bool and locations,

You should define in your player, that if X dont change for n seconds , you want to start the special behaviour of your companion,
You can cast to the blackboard and set the varialbes that enable the behaviour