How to get the color of a specified pixel on a sprite in paper2D


I am currently working on a project wich requires me making a 2D water plane and waves. I tried to make a displacement map on a 2D sprite but it yelded bad results so the waves, the sky and the sea floor are all in the same material. I tryed to sync the sinusoidal wave generation with one in the blueprints but without any satisfying result. I am trying to get the same thing as here but in a 2D world. This tutoial is kinda bad because it does not tell how to actually capture the image. What I would like is kind of a ray tracing that gives back a color that has been generated by the material.

I want to use as less c++ as possible since I am not verry experienced, so if you want me to code something, please tell me wich classes to use :slight_smile: and what input and output (cause of the pointer thingys that are not there in C# and java where I used to code). I als noticed a cerain inaccuracy in the world position when rendering the material on a super scaled sprite if you have any Idea how to solve it please tell me too.

Thanks for your help,