How to get started in game art?

Hey everyone. I’ve been learning alot of coding recently for this engine, and am starting to get a grasp (albeit small). However, there’s one major thing that I just don’t understand at all about UE4, and by extension game development in general and that’s art. I recently obtained a student version of Maya for learning purposes.

Do you guys have any recommendations for learning how to make character models, animations, and materials (I know it’s a bit wishful, but I’d love to be able to eventually make a game as gorgeous as Epic’s recent Paragon)?

Thanks in advance!

Tutorials, Lots and Lots of Tutorials… And a Ton of Practice, maybe a year’s practice, it really depends how much time you’re able to devote to this. I highly endorse Forums like Polycount I’ve been studying/doing/making Game Art for, ****, it’s been 10 years since I started school, I don’t don’t if school is necessarily the best idea. My personal experience is that the most valuable thing I got out of school was, knowledge of Polycount’s existence and a bunch of good friends with similar career interests.

This channel is amazing, and covers much of what you are looking for. I really want to go here some day soon.

This is one of the cheapest and best ways to learn the basic concepts of art. You do need to learn to draw to properly communicate with your artist, or to communicate your ideas. Even to yourself. He gives critiques every Monday.

If you are absolutely new to drawing, start here:

He is not the best artist in the world, but it is the easiest way to get form down. Just draw along with each and every video. If you do that, you will well on your way.

Yes you need to learn to draw. It is important that you can “feel” out mass and sketch ideas.

For wonderful (free) practice, I think this guy is pretty cool. His excersizes helped me tons:

I’ve been practicing very heavily for around 5 years, and I am just now getting comfortable with being able to express myself however I wish. shilling start While I am at it, my favorite pencil is the Col-Erase black, my favorite sharpener is the Alvin Bullet, and the best budget tablet ever made was the Intuos 3 Large. ;p shilling over

I know this isn’t 3D modeling or material design, and I don’t know what your skill is in general draftmanship. I know as a coder I was weak in this area, so I spent a great deal of time trying to learn. It was worth all the years. I hope I was some help.

Thank you for all the links! Polycount, the Draw a Box site and the FZDSchool seem really neat. I’ll definitely be checking them out.