How to get/set a value from another blueprint?

i created a widget and i want to make a “Sensivity Slider”… so far i setup a bit, so when sliding it shows the value etc.
Now i need to “Get value” from the slider (not a problem) but now i need to “set GamepadSensivity” variable… and this is a problem.
I found something but no idea how to do it.

I created a input but i dont have this “Blueprint(…)”

The value of the “GamepadSensivity” that defines the “Multiplied speed” is in the ThirdPersonBP and the slider is in “HUD_esc” widget.

Now the “HUD_esc” widget needs to access “ThirdPersonBP” to access the “GamepadSensivity” variable(to set it).

You have a float variable in the PlayerController called “YawInput” and “PitchInput” (if I remember correctly). These are the mouse / gamepad sensitivity when rotating your camera in a TPS or FPS game.

If it’s for the player you can do this in the widget: Get Player Controller - Get Controlled Pawn - Cast to ThirdPersonBP (right click and click convert to pure cast) - Set GamepadSensivity. Maybe it’s not a 0-1 range (default for sliders), in that case you can do Map Range Clamped.

I did it :slight_smile: also with input box etc… played some time with it but got it :smiley:
I have the Sensivity Variables on the “HUD Widget” or should i use them on PlayerBP ?