How to get rid of sideways vehicle sliding? Make a car like a boat!

Hey all, I am in the process of making a boat from the basic vehicle template (‘driving’ on the water seemed simple enough), and I can’t seem to get my car to stop sliding sideways or just straight up spinning out and coming to a dead stop. I’ve tried increasing the Lat Stiff value and, while that does seem to reduce sliding long distances, it results in more spin outs where my vehicle comes to a dead stop, and increasing it alot makes the vehicle super jittery. I’ve tried combinations of 4wd, front drive, rear drive, open and limited slip, nothing seems to make much of a difference. Pretty much, I just want to give my ‘car’ the limitations of movement a boat would have in the water.

Limitations being:

  1. Absolutely 0 sideways sliding (boats don’t sail sideways).
  2. No spinning in place.
  3. Turning would have a hard cap that it couldn’t go beyond.
  4. Ideally, would utilize rear wheel steering and no front wheel steering. Not certain how to make that work at all tho. (Maybe reverse the controls and the car mesh?)

So far, using wheel suspension to make my ‘boat’ bob up and down like it was in the water is a huge step forward (and boost in confidence) and I’d really appreciate some help pinning down these issues if anyone has any ideas they cared to share. :smiley: