How to get my Character working in UE4 with Animation Starter Pack

Hello Forum,

I am very new to UE4 and what a surprise, i got a question to you. I didn´t found something like a beginners sub-forum so i will ask my question here.

I created a little 3rd person game. My character is using the animations from the Animation Starter Pack. I finished modeling my Character in Blender and i am searching a tutorial how to setup my character, created in Blender, to work with the Animations from the Animation Starter Pack. Short, i want to replace the blue guy with my own character.

What do i need to do for it? Export in an external programm to assign the bones and stuff to the body parts and then import this in UE4? Is there any king of step by step tutorial you can suggest?


The bones must match(bone names) and then retarget, for short answer.

Use the retargeting pipeline above. You don’t have to have the bone names the same, in the retargeter you will assign them to your character based of the “blue guy” I’ve done this a few times, so just some advice, you need to be very careful to make sure you put them in the correct places. I’m not familiar with blender bone names, but the closer they are the better. If you are making a base skeleton without clavicles, or fingers, or additional joints it should be easy.

You simply retarget the blue guy L_Upper_Arm to your structure L_Bicep or whatever you called it.