How to get my assets created right?

Hi guys.

Last year I started developing my first game and I am definitely still a beginner in this world.
I see that many people get demotivated when it comes to writing code, but that is the easy part for me, I have been writing code for the past 20 years :smiley:

The problem for me comes in creating my own assets outside UE.
I’m using as much 3rd party assets as I can, but right now I’m in a moment where I need to create my own thing, a pub in this case.

I’m struggling to do this in Maya just because I don’t think I’m doing it in the right way. For example, I put some walls together(that are basically cubes), but I’m struggling to make it perfect, the section where the walls merge for example, it’s never getting completely perfect, then when I export to UE I see light leaking everywhere.

This is an early draft of my pub, I created some objects to mimic the tables and chairs just so I can feel the space, it will be removed later, but the walls should be the final ones.

About the wall objects:
How should I make this ? Should I create each wall as a cube indeed? Should I merge all the walls so it becomes one big object?
This may be more of a Maya question than a UE question, but what is the best way to create rooms like this? Should I use other easier software instead of Maya?
Also, is there any way to create this directly in UE for the final game or should I really develop all my assets outside UE ?

About textures:
Once I get the walls right, should I apply the textures inside UE or in Maya itself? With UE we have access to nice free textures with Quixel, would hate not to be able to use them just because I need to texture everything in Maya.

Can someone send some light to this poor soul here? :rofl: