How to get more than 4 materials on static mesh?

So this may be a dumb question but when I create a static mesh in Blender with more than 4 materials assigned to it, then I export it to Unreal, it reduces the number of materials down to 4. It doesn’t seem to matter how many I put on the model in Blender, it only comes through with 4 and randomly assigns those faces with one of the other materials. Is there a specific reason that this happens or is it something I’m doing wrong in the export/import portion?

I can’t seem to find any documentation of this online.

Thanks in advance.

That’s exactly what I did:

I just made a cube with 6 materials, imports to UE fine. How are you doing this, what are your steps?

I make the shape, designate the faces with their corresponding materials, then I unwrap it and export it as a FBX.

Latest version of Blender?