How To get more than 100 morph targets?

I am using 3DS and I just ran into the problem that the morph modifer in 3DS doesn’t allow more than 100 morph targets. I tried to stack two, but when exported and imported into UE only the morphs from the top modifier show up.

The documentation link text states explicitly that

**The FBX morph target import pipeline allows for importing both a SkeletalMesh and morph target all at once, or importing one or the other individually. **

However there is no explanation as to how morph targets can be imported separately. Using Maya is not an option for me and I would rather not use Blender either since I am not a graphic guy and I can barely use 3DS to a degree and would rather not spend time learning yet another tool


You could import them as two separate animations. Prepare the first 100, export, import as skeletal mesh and animation. Then prepare the rest of the morphs and export, and then import as animation for the imported skeletal mesh.

Thanks but I would much prefere to have it as simple morphs. I managed to get the # down to under 100 now, but still there should be something in the manual about the other way of importing or a way of combining stuff. I will post in the forum, maybe they add something a future version