How to get Marketplace asset bug fixes online more quickly

Hi, we have an asset in the UE4 Marketplace, recently found a bug and fixed that. Now we have packed the new version and sent all required information to the Marketplace support via email. However, I have not received any response from the Marketplace team since more than 2 days now. So our bug fix is not online yet, nor do I even know when the new version will be published.

Is this really the way to go when dealing with (urgent) updates for Marketplace assets?
Is there any way to speed up the whole process a bit?

I am a bit concerned, as our customers are waiting for the fix, and for them it looks like it’s our fault that they have to wait so long for the update :frowning:

Hi there!

I am sorry for the wait with this update. If you have not received any updates from your recent request, you can always reach out to me through a PM on the forums. I will gladly look into your update for you.