How to get Level to sync across Git Source Control in UE 4.19.2

Hello, Unreal Engine Forums,

I and a couple of collaborators are working on an Unreal Engine Project, we all need to have as close as possible up-to-date file data. We do not share a network, so using a local storage with Source Control wasn’t plausible. So, using the Git Source Control system, and a private Git repository on GitLab, I planned to give access to all collaborators, and allow the collaboration to work in that sense.

So, I created a Minimal Unreal Engine 4 project with Starter Content, edited the ‘Manual_Default’ map a little bit, adding some assets, removing some of the default objects. Made sure all the necessary assets are inside of Source Control, saved, then Submitted to Source Control, which I gave the commit a name, and committed it to the local repository.

Outside of Unreal Engine 4, I used TortoiseGit for Windows (which is really a GUI for Git for Windows), to push this commit to the GitLab repository. However, when I attempted to clone the project to another machine running the exact same engine version and Git setup, I was met with confusion when the ‘Minimal_Default’ map opened with none of my changes, but rather the original. However all the assets appeared in the Content Browser, it does not have any of the on map changes.

How do I get the Minimal_Default.umap to be the same when the Git is cloned for all collaborators to start building.

All help would be much appreciated,
Shejan Shuza