How to get islands to stay on the Discover page longer?

The last few islands I published either never get on the discover page or when they do, they are only up there for an hour or two. So is there a way to get them to stay up longer. My first island was on the discover page for a few days, and it got lot of people to play it, but now I can barely get people to play them. I post YouTube shorts of my islands but that hasn’t helped.

Thank you for your feedback. While I cannot guarantee a response, I can confirm that this has been forwarded to the appropriate team.

I am having this same problem. I usually get 4-600 plays but then it gets removed and my numbers drop again


Same here. You found a solution?

I wish i knew. I believe it is their algorithm adapting

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Same for me … map stay One two hours and After traffic drop immediatly.