How to get FGenericWindow from FSlateApplication

Hey guys,

im currently working on the implementation of an input device plugin. Im able to receive all messages coming from my device and Log them in UE Editor. Using the MessageHandler for TouchMoved is working when i send a TouchStarted via Mouse on the viewport and then sending TouchMoved for touch 1. The incoming event can be observed in Debug mode in the Levels Blueprint editor. So far, im satisfied until it comes to sending the MessageHandlers->OnTouchStarted(…) im missing the link to the FSlateApplications FGEnericWindow. FSlateApplication::Get().GetAllVisibleWindowsOrdered(…) empties my Array of TSharedRef. My Current workaround was to get the Keyboard focused Widget and then use the widgets NativeWindow. Am i missing something?

Code Snippet:

TSharedPtr<SWidget> wid = FSlateApplication::Get().GetKeyboardFocusedWidget();

TSharedPtr<SWindow> win = FSlateApplication::Get().FindWidgetWindow(wid.ToSharedRef());


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