how to get collision in movable objects?

Hi, i have an issue with the collisions in my Vive project. Meshes collide the way i expect, but once these objects are movable then the collision is gone. I know this allready for some months, but i really have to solve this one at this stage :slight_smile: I have an easy solution, but even this one i get mixed up what i do. My plan was to use the collisiontype of the grabbing hands motion. Because when you use the grab animation, then its possible to move objects or push objects. But how can i find/ use this type of collision to attach it with my moving objects? I have been seaerching whole morning and trying, but gee,… no result :slight_smile:

ue 4.16

How do you move your actors? Through physics (e.g applying forces/impulses) or in a different way? I suspect the problem could be more with the way you move them than with their collision settings. Can you share how you set them up?

Ht Marco, thanks for the reply. Its very easy, i take my mesh, lets say a cube. And then in a matinee i let it move. Then offcourse the type changes from static to movable,… and suddenly it has no collision anymore. For instance, when i pick i up a standard pickup cube, and put it on the movable object, lets say a table. If i start a matinee to move the table, the pickup cube wont follow that motion.
short: i would like to put my pickupobject in a (roman) catapult, and then move the catapult to launch it.
And i noticed that when i just move my vr hand through a pickupobject it wont move either, but when i GRAB with the VR hand i can move the pickupobject. Thats way i thought i have to find the reason that happends :slight_smile: