How to get a stream of EXRs at a specified frame rate

I apologize that this is cross posted with the forum, but was told to do it by someone at the big E,

Anyway, here goes:

As I have stated to many people and in my silly, little 30 Day video, I’m interested in Unreal as a rendering solution. So far, it’s been great learning the inside for everything else it offers, but outputting a stream of stills to be brought into post and tweaked, is another story. I had been told by someone, and perhaps misinformed, that UE can output EXR files, which it can. I’ve done it.

The problem is that they are simply screen grabs. Matinee will export a stream of stills (and it looked poor, even uncompressed,) but not EXRs, so I’m looking for a way to marry the HSSRT and Matinee tools, ultimately, get quality output at a specified frame rate, whether or not those tools are used.

This got me to thinking about the Kite demo. It’s incredibly clean. I know it ran in realtime on a beast of a machine, but I’m sure they had a way to output everything better than what Matinee offers. Can someone suggest a solution? Without boring you with the details, there are other reasons for the EXR files, as they will allow me incredible flexibility in composting, which my project requires. Just think of one UE scene inside another.

Truth be told, if I can’t find a good solution, then I might have to jump off the UE bandwagon for my current project which is to release a 3-4 minuted animated series every week, starting next year. No fault of UE if this can’t be done, just the reality of the situation. The upside for me is that my materials are Substances and the geo and animation is all done in Max, so the worst case for me is moving to iRay and beefing up my render farm.