How to get a smoother transition between a road/path (edit spline tool) and the surrounding grass?


I’m trying to make a road/forest path with the spline tool and it looks fine when I’m making the path only on a ground texture with no foliage.
But when I add some grass with the landscape grass type and using the spline tool to create a path the transition between the
grass (on the sides of the road) and the road doesn’t look natural. I have several landscape layers that I can paint on the sides of the road to
remove the grass (with low strength) but I don’t get the smooth transition I want. Except that I also get some grass on my road/path.

All tutorials I’ve seen about making a path/road on a landscape have only created a path on a textured plane with no foliage. Therefore I need some help :).

Thanks in advance!

Its a bit more complex but you need a few different grass layers to use.
I have a general patch thats 1m^2, one that’s .5m^2, and one thats .25m

I paint the .25m one on with the foliage tool to correct areas that look bad.

The landscape spline gets duplicated. One gets the .5 grass mesh. Then the older spline gets the dirt base material.

the size/height of the grass can also be changed, but usually I use the same size for all.
when needed. I paint the .5 grass in zones where the 1m grass comes off the landscape due to geometry (top of steep knolls).

Also, each spline has a falloff parameter. If you mess with that you get different results depending on how you compute the grass layer within the material.

you can add a customizable falloff by deducting a no procedurals layer from the grass sample layer and applying it to the spline as well.
I would suggest doing a power and a scalar too to further affect the transition.