How to generate level light trubles

i try to describe my issue with generate level.

On first screen you can see element on level on second are blueprint (with static meshes).
I use on begin event and i generate string with name of level (part of level/tile, pic sign 2 and 3) then i load this level.
Next i try move my “level” to destiny pleace and all static lightmaps gone (pic sign 1 and 4)

Next way i try to generate level on level and hide that when i don’t use it, but shadows was bad . Shadows are generate for all map and levels not for only one on level.

I need to use static lights or station light (i try use this on mobile).

My plan is that

  1. rand level from part of levels,
  2. create, move to point of destiny
  3. need have static mesh after

UE versjon 4.3.0-2215663++depot+UE4-Releases+4.3
Any idea how to do this good?