How to generate a procedural /voxel world

I have a question concerning the genration procedural voxel world.
I currently have generated a world with the noise of a simplex in 2D ( axis x ; y ) and I used statics mesh instanced for my cubes, which measures 25 cm, the problems is that I can not generate more than 650 k cube before bug…
exceeded 650k I bug more and more, that is what I could used as a component to generated a lot more cube without bug ?
I tried the procedural meshes but I bug 50 times more x) thank you for your help !

Kind Regards Upeaval.

Making voxel world in blueprints is on edge of impossible. You can do that but it will be quite messy.
As for techniques used for voxels, google that, there are tutorials, open source voxel engines etc.

But for anything serious with voxels in unreal you need C++.

Yes there are people doing voxel stuff in blueprints, but its more of a challenge than for any real use.
Join unreal slacker lounge, and ask about voxels.

thank you for this message, but I think it is fesable, it must be just that I find the right way to do it

here is an example of my work the sone day

but I’m going to go and see the lounge on the voxel ^^ thanks you !