How to generate a key for shipping?

Hi everyone!

I’ve searched for how to complete a shipping build for android and can’t figure out how to.
I’ve heard i need to find the signingconfig.xml file on documentation, but i’ve also read that file is no longer needed.

How does one generate a shipping key for google play?

do i need to go on the google play developers site and click something there to get the key?

then do i need to put that said key in a folder or type in a command in the terminal to get this to work?

our game is tested and works fine on our android device but we’re looking to package. I filled out most of the settings on the google website, but i have no idea about private/public keys and it seems like theres way to many options for both of them.

any help is much appreciated!

thank you

You need to do this:

Awesome thanks darin, I found out how to do it late last night by scouring the internet.

do you need to generate a new key for each game or just one as a master key and put it in every unreal builds project?


You need to do it per game. Also make sure you never lose the keystore file for each game or you wont be able to update you game in the future