How to fly sedan

Trying to figure out how to get the sedan flying, i.e. “harry potter car”.
when trying to trigger my up vector movement the car seems to be stuck to the floor, up doesn’t do much at all but pressing down bangs the sedan against the ground below it.
been searching for quite sometime on google and here and haven’t came across anything. Anyone have a link to a tutorial or some screenshots that might help me out?

I realized that gravity is enabled in the details panel of the mesh by default, unticking this made it so the body of the sedan started to float, but the tires remain on the ground, with no input {up and down} other then the sedans default controls

this tut may help, it covers some physics floating. UE4 How to make Helium Balloon Artificial or Anti Gravity using Physics in Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

there is also the flying template you could use as a base and then see if you can merge it with the vehicle template.

i think the ufo in the content examples project was set up slightly different than the flying template so that’s another resource.

Thank you for the link, I think I’ve solved my issue