How to fix these lighting issues on a modular kit

Hey guys,

I know this is a reasonably basic problem, and I’ve found ways around it before, though the textures were usually much more complex so it was easier to hide. I’m building a white-box gallery for a client, a virtual photo exhibition, and I’m met with the issue that each modular instance seems to believe it receives very different lighting to it’s neighbours, especially near corners. I’ve attached a couple of screenshots, one of the effect I’m trying to describe, and one of my lightmass settings as I feel they may be the culprit. My lightmaps are all pretty high res, either 256 or 512, unless I’m actually being way too concerned about optimisation and I should be going bigger for these assets? Most wall pieces are 2 metres wide, 2.6 metres high. The corner you can see here is a single piece, a 1 metre width either side of the bend. Given the target audience for this work, I’ve been told this isn’t a high priority for them, but ■■■■ it bugs me that I can’t smooth it out! Any help or advice would be insanely helpful :slight_smile: