How to FIX IncrediBuild xgconsole Error while Packaging

I recently had an issue with winx64 Packaging issue with Incredible. I’m writing this just in case anyone come across the same issue this might help.

Reason : Usually happens when a project name(.uproject) is Renamed.

Fix : 
    Check "**OutputLog**" Error message and go to the specified Log Path.

(Ex - PackagingResults: Error: Command failed (Result:1): C:\Program Files (x86)\IncrediBuild\xgConsole.exe “C:\Users
\Light PS\AppData\Roaming\Unreal Engine\AutomationTool\Logs\F+UE+Versions+UE_4.22\UAT_XGE.xml” /Rebuild
/NoLogo /ShowAgent /ShowTime /no_watchdog_thread. See logfile for details: ‘xgConsole-2019.12.22-14.05.51.txt’)

    Check the **'xgConsole-2019.12.22-14.05.51.txt'** and see which file causing  error?

(Ex - F:\UEIntrudersProject\Intruders - [For Build]\Intermediate*Source\Intruders_Copy.cpp*(4): error C2374:
‘GInternalProjectName’: redefinition; multiple initialization)

Delete the “Intruders_Copy.cpp” from path “F:\UEIntrudersProject\Intruders - [For

No, I didn’t change any plugin, everything is default and yes I build the source normally.