How to find Landscape Size to Import tiled for size not shown?

I do not mind doing the math by myself, the issue is I do not understand the way it is being explained Landscape Technical Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation. I know its large but I am wanting as close to double of what the 8129x8129 size that is listed. It would be great if someone could give me an actual formula that explains where each section goes because

“If we have a component divided into 4 subsections, each of which is made up of 64x64 vertices. That leads to 63x63 quads per section and 126x126 quads per component. If we have 32x32 of these components, we get 126 * 32 = 4032 quads total in each direction. So the total Landscape will be 4033x4033 vertices.”

doesn’t help in the slightest.

I say this because when I attempt to do it with the 8129x8129. 127x127 is 128x128 half of 128 (which I get the 32 being half of 64) I get 64 and the component size is 254 so one would assume, with what is shown, that you would do 64254 which is 16,256 which is DOUBLE the 8129x8129 so I am missing something with this math.

This really isn’t well explained for those who aren’t wiz’s at math.

Thank you in advance for any help!