How to fake holding a key pressed for dodging?

Hi. I am trying to build a dodging system like in Guild Wars2.
So, here is what I’ve done so fat.

In my blueprints, dodging is tied to a variable in sprinting (is sprinting ?) . When I press and hold Shift, the character sprints.


. This works OK.

Next, double tapping A or D (

) sends message to this :


. There are 2 dodge speeds. So if you walk normally and you dodge, you dodge with a speed. If you sprint then dodge, you dodge farther, with a higher speed.
Now the problem is that, in order for speed to take effect, a key needs to be pressed and hold . (A or D).
I just want to double tap and dodge, so there needs to be something that somehow fakes holding a button pressed for a certain ammount of time
I have tried this with branches and event event ticks, but it is not working
How could I do this ?

Check this thread I saw a few days back… it might provide you with an answer.

Hi. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the answer in that thread, altough I tried to use ,get input key held down’’, as shown in the thread.
Here is how I tried to link them:

So that hold time variable is supposed to run the loop body, adding movement input. When 3 seconds passed, character stops his auto move. (in this case dodging).

How could I do this ?

Hi. I have also tried to do this with a timeline, but it is still not working…