How to extend an UNiagaraEmitter lifetime?

Good evening!

Guys, I was looking, on the UE4 documentation related to UNiagaraComponent, UNiagaraSystem, FNiagaraEmitterHandle and UNiagaraEmitter, and I was looking for a way to extend or reduce the lifetime of a specific Particle Emitter within an UNiagaraSystem.

You can advance the an UNiagaraComponent simulation using UNiagaraComponent::AdvanceSimulation() and UNiagaraComponent::AdvanceSimulationByTime(), but how to change the lifetime of an emitter? In these classes, I didn’t find a method to change it…and googling it didn’t return an answer to this problem. I knot how to change it in the editor, but I want to change it at runtime, using code, so do you guys know how to change it?