How to expose custom actor properties to matinee/sequencer?

I have several custom actors that I need to make usable inside Sequencer. I’ve managed to figure out how to decorate the properties so that they show up in sequencer, and you can add tracks to modify them. Everything in sequencer seems to work properly, but the actor instance’s property doesn’t actually get changed by sequencer.

For example I have a custom float property which I have decorated as follows:
UPROPERTY(Interp, EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=“MPCCamera”, meta=(DisplayName=“Current Frame”, SequencerTrackClass=“MovieSceneFloatTrak”))

In Sequencer I can add the custom actor, and add a track for this property. In sequencer I can setup keyframes for the value and play/scrub and see the values properly changing in sequencer.

But the actual actor in the scene doesn’t change. The corresponding property on the actor is never modified by Sequencer.