How to export a full project ? (WIN to MAC)

Hello guys,

I’m working on a project with an other guy. I have all the project on my PC and I want to share the whole project with him. I tried to copy/paste the main folder of my project, but there is some part missing. Meshes, vertexpainting, etc…

I’m working on WIN and he is working on MAC.
How can I export this full project to him ?

Okay, even with PC to PC a shader is missing.
It’s an ocean shader, when I open the map for the first time, the mesh is present but completelly invisible.
If I delete it, then replace the mesh in the scene (with the mat ocean) it works, but the material doesnt looks like the material I did…

Nobody can help ?

I think it’s a SkyLight problem. But I tried to delete then add a new. Still didn’t work :frowning:

Any answers for the original question?

There are some files and folders that you shouldn’t export to your friend’s computer

I recomend you to use source control like git, svn perforce or similar.

I’m working on some projects with my team and i use this gitignore file, these are the files that you don’t need to copy to your friend’s computer:


Hope it helps

This other answer is for Git, but is very general. I am unsure how you can be missing content, because as soon as you import a mesh, it’s copied locally. However, make sure you don’t copy/paste everything as you may erase important files

TL;DR : Your .uproject file, and the folders Build, Config, Content and Source