How to export 3ds max door animation to Unreal?

I saw a lot of tutorials but none of them helped me. I have a bifold door which comes with 3ds max. I keyframed the animation to open it.The main problem is how do i export that animation to unreal engine 4. I dont want to add any bones.Its just a simple animation that opens the door along the keyframe.

When you use basic transform animations (translate, rotate, scale) then you need to link all of the objects to a single root object (can be a dummy) and then export it using FBX. In the FBX export options enable the Bake Animation section. When importing to UE4 make sure it’s set to import as a Skeletal Mesh and then check the Import Rigid Animations box. :slight_smile:

I linked the door to a dummy object and exported it as you said.But when i import the mesh,i click on skeletal mesh it is not showing “import rigid body animation” and a warning is coming telling that it could not find the bind pose.It will use time as 0
I attached the screenshots.What am i doing wrong?

Anyhow i managed to import the asset successfully.But the animation is not playing

Hi Rohit, I’m newbie here and your method is same boat as me, I’ve done put select & link each five sash doors and add Dummy to it from 3Ds Max animation. That’s really simple animation keyframe is working fine. But I’ve tried import into Unreal Engine 4 and test this animation seem won’t work for me…

I would like see Bi-fold door work when player enter triggerbox to active bi-fold door opening and closing

What we’ve doing wrong ??..Please help me & Rohit too…


Chris P.

Animate the door verbose in 3ds Max and set the FBX exporter to bake animation key frames. When importing the static mesh can then receive the key frames that were baked.

For example

Hi FrankieV,

Got it, Cheer many thank for video tutorial :). That’s what I’m missing out using detail panel for animation section to add on…

Now, next I’m try figure it out how unblock collision to player get through door frame. and also add input blueprint for trigger box to active open animation doors.


Frankie and Chris

I am trying to do a similar static animation of a fan blade rotating. I have done everything listed above but it seems something was revealed in the video that has helped. Unfortunately the video was removed.

Any extra help is much appreciated!


Yikes sorry

How to bake animation keys via fbx

Show two well three actually, ways of using the files. 1) Drag and drop the animation file into the environment and it’s plug-n-play ready 2) Place the static model in the environment and change the animation detail to use either and animation take or an animation BP.

Or if all you need is a simple fan rotate you could make the object a BP component and add a rotator to the event graph

Excellent technique to learn as you could use apps like 3ds Max or even Houdini to create high dynamic cut scenes like earthquakes or buildings exploding with out the need for physics.

How do I go about linking the objects to a single root object? My elevator door model (Slides open and closed) is made up of many parts but they are all the same object to my knlowedge and it is a editable poly named Box002 as noted in the picture.


All you need to do is create a dummy (or whatever floats your boat) at 0,0,0, link your object to it, then export them both together.

Though I have to ask, it looks like have one object that you are animating with subobject keyframes? that is probably not the best (though probably technically possible via morph targets) for in-game use. Idealy, you’d want to have the model rigged properly so the slats don’t deform badly when the doors open/close. At the very least, I would have each side as its own object, and then scale them (as objects, not subobject) as needed - though this will result in the same bad looking deformations for the slats. but at least that way i imagine it would be a lot less expensive than doing it as one big morph target.

Reviving this old post. I checked multiple tutorials. I checked all whats happening on this video. Im trying to import a simple rotation from 3dsmax to unreal. Whatever I do, my animation in unreal plays around 10 times slower. I select “Exported time” when I import in unreal, but I also tried other options, I make sure to override the “custom sample rate” to match my framerate in max, but whatever I do, I get a slower animation. “Exporting from max I also make sure to bake animation”. Any idea?

[USER=“3588471”]Eloi Andaluz[/USER] I believe you can set the playrate of an animation in UE4.