How to execute a C++ function for each stereo view?

Im trying to do something different for each stereo view and cant find the appropriate place to look into.

What do you exacly mean? having actor doing different thignson each screen? or HUD?

if first i can already tell you it’s not quite possible as you would need to have 2 worlds simulations in diffrent screen

So i basically have a custom compute shader (based on GitHub - Temaran/UE4ShaderPluginDemo: A tutorial project that shows how to implement HLSL Pixel and Compute shaders in UE4) which is dependant on the camera position. I would like to run this shader two times, once for each eye position.
Preferably in an Actor, if that is possible.

I actually just found ULocalPlayer which gets passed EStereoscopicPass, and I guess it should work by overriding it.

It worked.

In the end I made my own ULocalPlayer and chose it as default Player class in the engine settings.

I then overrode the CalcSceneView() function and added my function call, passing the StereoPass to it.

To display the result I used this solution: Can I render one billboard per eye for a VR stereo effect? - XR Development - Unreal Engine Forums