How to ensure a character does not lose his velocity between `Move To`s?

I have a character that’s using a behavior tree. In some of the tasks, I use Move To Location to have the character move. Sometimes, he needs to stop after the move, but sometimes, there’s another move to a different location right after. I have it to look like the never stopped and just keeps going. Right now it seems he comes to a halt very briefly and the blendspace-based animation seems to twitch because he has 0 velocity for a while.

How can i prevent that? I’ve already tried a variety of things, nothing seems to work.

I read a similar question where the solution seemed to be to keep all the moves in one Task, so that the behavior tree wouldn’t have to switch Tasks between the moves… don’t know if that would work, but it wouldn’t work for me, because i need the behavior tree logic to decide where to go next.

So, anyone know a way to transition from one move to another with no stopping and with the animation just continuing?