How to enable click on webbrowser widget with a box overlap?

I have no problem clicking the widget with the Vive Motion Controller, but when I activate the same events with the box overlap than with the motioncontroller button no click is happening.

So how can I enable a click in the web browser widget using an overlapped box?

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Cheers and thanks in advance!

No one have any idea on how to trigger that?

I want to click in the widget (in the browser) every time I touch it using overlap events, no idea on how to do this?


Bumping this up.

This may be a silly thing, but I can´t figure it out, please someone help :slight_smile:


Bumping this again…

Guys if this is super easy and I’m missing something, please tell me because I can’t solve it!

What I want to do is to click in the web browser widget when I touch a collider, I can click on it with the controller, but even if I use the same functions as with the controller the click is not triggered if I use a collider.

Please help! I need to create this for a project!

Cheers and thanks in advance!

Re-Bump… just to check if in this new year someone can help me with this, I have not been able to achieve this yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please! can someone from EPIC bring me some help into this.