How to enable Chaos

I’m having the exact same issue I hope the professors build source has those problems fixed. Because I have tried building from source too, and ended up with the same issues.

Can you try the two buildings first to make sure even your version works. Don’t want you to upload for no reason

Will Chaos destruction support per-fracturing and constraint set up out side of Unreal? I would like to do all of my fracturing and constraint processing in Houdini, then send to Unreal / Chaos. Cheers.

  • I have 4.25,
  • Inserted the 2 lines in compiled .CS file
  • All chaos plugins activated…

Where is Chaos in the Editor?

Here is the url. The building on the left very large. Chaos 4.25.1.

It looks like your geometry collection isn’t working

I think this tech is truly exciting, and as an artist I’d love to invest my free time into learning more about this. It is surprising (and a tad disappointing) to see the lack of material out there, or contact from Epic people in regards to this tech (or at least that I’m aware of). As far as I know, this was and still is being promoted as a relatively important component of UE4, much like Niagara and new animation systems.

Isn’t it a bit ridiculous that several engine versions later, it is still a cumbersome process to make this destruction tech even work? Are there any people in Twitter making Chaos experiments, or anywhere else where there is more info relating to this besides the initial GDC and Twitch/YT livestream talks? Any plans for the future to integrate this into the main UE versions downloadable through the Epic Launcher, or any simple environment using this technology?

Does anyone know of any external forums maybe (much like Polycount or BlenderArtists do for their own community) where the Chaos Engine is a popular topic? People that are working with this and showing their results?

@theProfessor where did you upload those rar pieces of the compiled engine? Those YT links don’t show any links either.

What that means man? So exactly what should I do step by step please?

I haven’t uploaded them yet. I have Google Drive(15gb). There 4 files 10.5 gb(3). Do you want them? I would have to put them 1 at a time on my GD. Do have a drive that is bigger?

@TheProffesor Are you ever gonna try the two buildings in the chaos map ?

it’s broken for everyone !

That may be against Epic’s EULA’s?

Anyway, following the steps I’ve gotten 4.25.1 to work just fine with Chaos. You might as well just wait though, it’s very slow and buggy at the moment. You may have better luck with the dev branches as they are continuously improving/working on Chaos related stuff in those branches.

Edit: In fact, if anyone’s still having trouble. Just make sure you have the latest 4.25.1 source code built with the stuff from the first post added to the and create a new blank project with no starter material. Then just copy over the content folder from the chaosdestructiondemo project to your new project and start it up. It may say something about rebuilding the project, just click no as that seems to be broken, it should still load up fine for you to test.

Guys this dude made a download link of the complied version with chaos demo EveryThing WORKING ! including the 2 big buildings all fully working and only 7gb. Here is a link…w?usp=drivesdk

When try the Chaos project and give the path for the compiled version it doesn’t load and execute the project. Not a big deal because I have a compiled version of 4.25 working. I was bored yesterday.

Dont work, already compiled and followed all the steps, dont work. The Chaos Editor button dont appear and nothing works
It’s very frustating, can someone help me?

It doesn’t work, I’ve compiled everything. It took almost 20 hours to finish, I enabled the plugins, and nothing; Not even the Chaos Editor button appears.
It is very frustrating, can someone help me?


thats a dead link…

me too, tryed 3 times, every method…

I noticed if you try and open the chaos demo from the launcher it errors after setting it up.
the workaround is to show in folder and then rightclick the uproject file and switch engine versions to the source build.
its not setting its self to the souece build unless you manually set it. Just an FYI <3

when you get the source make sure you get the 4.25-plus

and when you extract it some reason if you use winrar it extracts as a folder in a folder.
you need to make your folder structure look like this