how to enable 360° movement by trigger from inside a walking movement mode

i have a first person game with standard FPS movement.
then i have with a gravity switch. currently when pressing it, the gravity switches to nearly “off”, set higher air control and launch my character a bit into air. so i have kind of zero gravity with movement.
i can move in air, but i also want to steer my char 360° like i had a jetpackspacesuit, but my movement is locked on xy axis because i’m still in default movement mode.
is it possible to just unlink the axis restriction and fly in any direction, where i look at?

there is a tut, that shows how it’s done as a default movement, but i don’t know how to implement this movement mode to be triggerable. this is the tut. A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums

i got the answer in another (more simple to understand) question i asked here. so go to this thread, if you also need an answer for this problem. How to establish vertical movement in walk movement mode in zero grav - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums