How to embed the VR to my project.


I have started my project as an empty project, and know I want to embed the VR as an optional feature. Can someone explain to me how is this being done, is it a plugin that I need to add or what?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Rawan,

If you look at your content browser there is a green button labeled “add new”. If you click on that and scroll to the top you can add an engine feature or content pack that way. Hope this helps!

Well UE is pretty much built with it out of the box. If you open your Project Plugins menu and look for Virtual Reality you can turn off and on the different VR sdk’s… Then there is about 8 different ways to enable the head mounted display from the game. Either with the blueprint nodes Enable HMD, console command “stereo on” or command line option -vr to the executable.