How to eliminate collision among multiple components in actor?

How to set up a skeleton mesh component that does not collide with other skeleton mesh components (or static mesh components) in its actor, but can collide with other actors?
For example, there is a character, and it has two skeleton meshes, the body and the cloth. The cloth themselves share the physical assets of the skeleton. Therefore, in theory, the collision body and body of two synchronized animation cloth are completely overlapped. In this way, I need to turn the collision rules of the cloth to “no collision”, otherwise the cloth will collide with the body. But turning off the Cloth`s collision rules may affect the interaction between clothes and other characters.

For UE4, when there are multiple skeleton meshes in a character, each skeleton mesh’s animation blueprint and physical resources have an instance, but they can’t be merged. This time is very strange. If Only One skeleton and One animation blueprint instance controls all the components associated with it, the chance of this problem can be greatly reduced.