How to efficiently store and load maps on mobile

Hi, I’m currently working on a mobile game and wanted to ask for advice, in my game levels are made out of tiles and there will be hundreds of them, so I was looking for a way to store them effectively, I want to avoid unreal .umap files (to save space, but maybe that’s the wrong approach, correct me if I’m wrong), I also have the in-game level editor and those levels I store using save game object, and that is working okay but I haven’t tried it on more complex maps, so I’m scared about the load times. I also recently read about storing map info in the data table, but I don’t think there is any way to compress it and it would result in a very large file when I have tons of maps.

Also if I don’t use the .umap file to store the level, is using “SpawnActor” or “SpawnActorDeferred” the best way to spawn the entire level? I don’t know about any other way but maybe any of you know some tips and tricks on how to effectively spawn a large number of actors.

So, to sum it up, what would be the best way to store a large number of levels on mobile, and what would be the best way to load it?