How to effect only one mesh's scalar parameter in Blueprints

My game has many of the same blueprint actors in the level, all with the same material. The player can punch the actor to destroy it and while doing so, a damage texture is overplayed over the damaged actor. I use a material parameter collection Scalar parameter to set the amount of damage texture that shows on the actor. However, it effects all of the other actors in the scene that have the same material. I need to be able to set the damage amount Scalar parameter separately for each actor, because there will always be lots of them on the map, but they should not all look damaged if one is damaged.

Please help me accomplish this with blueprints.

Rather than using a parameter collection, make a material instance dynamic from the damaged actor’s material then set the scalar parameter on that instance only.

That worked! Thank you Jared.

Right on! Glad to help