How to edit the main menu in the Action RPG project?

Hey guys, I’m new to unreal engine and I’ve been going through the docs for the action rpg project. I deleted everything except the floor, built a new level with mixed assets from infinity blade and a couple of sites that had some free fbx files, added new items, etc… I pretty much just followed through the documentation on it and the 2 videos Epic has on youtube about it. I’m wondering if anyone here has played around with it and can tell me how I’d go about editing the main menu page so I can display a different background and title, etc… If anyone knows or can point me towards something that discusses I’d be very grateful! Thanks in advance.

Generally you can go to the UI widget that displays the main menu and from there you can change images or buttons or other aspects of the widget . I haven’t messed with the Action rpg , so i don’t know how it’s set up though.