How to edit static mesh of existing actor?


For a project I need to create a custom scene and edit an actor from the AutoVrtlEnv.uproject file (Vehicle Dynamics Blockset Interface for Unreal Engine 4 Projects - File Exchange - MATLAB Central). I want to simplify the pickup actor to just a simple block with certain dimensions, however I have not yet been able to find a way to edit the actor.

Can anybody give me any advice on how I can edit the actor? Do I need any external program for this?
For the project to work I need to use version 4.23.1.


There is a mesh editor in the engine, but you need the latest release ( or very recent ) for that. Otherwise it’s down to a plugin:

or an external program like Blender.

I have downloaded Blender however opening the mesh file of a certain vehicle doesn’t work. What type of file do I need to load into blender?

Nvm I have found it:

Thanks for your help!

I have changed the mesh of a certain vehicle, however after I start the simulation from Matlab it somehow spawns the unaltered version. Where does this version come from? If I can find the location I should be able to edit this one.

How is Matlab connected to UE?

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for trying to help me!

It is connected via the Simulation 3D Scene Configruation block in Simulink (Scene configuration for 3D simulation environment - Simulink)