how to drop/ walk through mesh, nav mesh without teleporting?

i have a weird problem. I want to walk on my bridge, and fall through the water. Everything seems to be fine, the water has no collision, and if i teleport on the watersurface then i end up on the bottom of the river. But if i walk from the bridge in the water, nothing happends, and i keep on walking like jesus on the water. Anyone an idea what to do with the collision perhaps?


if i read it right, have u implement gravity on the motion controller pawn? if not… u’ll never fall

oeh man, is it that easy? thanks!! my computer broke down this week. Tomorrow i will have new one and look at my project and the gravity!

hmm, i tried it with different computer. But i don t see something like that on the motion controller pawnBP. Could you give me a little hint, where to implement gravity:rolleyes::slight_smile:

hi generico,
i havent solved it yet:rolleyes: Weird, i cannot find the setting you describe