How to do damage to a destructible object when a sphere collision hits it?

I need to know how to make it so that when a sphere collision hits a destructible object it will do damage to that destructible object.

in the Destructibles settings, make sure that enable impact damage is UNCHECKED. then make a new blueprint for your destructible, add a destructible component and a radial force component. Make sure the destuctible has Simulate physics on. in the OnComponentHit Event use a FireImpulse node for the radial force component, and an apply damage node for the destructible. The impulse settings for the radial force might need to be rediculously high in order to actually get any movement from the destructible, but that will break it without it crumbling when it hits the ground

Thank you. However I need to clarify something. The sphere collision that hits the door is just a sphere collision. There is no actor inside the sphere collision it is just a sphere collision. Will this still work?

it should still work